The F.O.R.C.E. Act: What It Is and What You Need To Know

President Joseph Franks instituted the Federal Officers Resisting Criminal Elements Act, better known as F.O.R.C.E., in response to a report released in 2016 to reform the Cleaveland Police Department. The F.O.R.C.E. Act allowed the federal government to take over all police departments in order to control and manipulate the police — all for “the good of the communities and the country.” Franks promised that the new law would keep police in check and make it safer for marginalized groups but instead it has become a militarized task force that allows search and seizure for any reason. The rights of citizens have been ignored and grossly trampled upon, and the Ferris Campaign wants you to have YOUR voice back.

banner for Senator Ferris

Senator Ferris voted NO for the F.OR.C.E. Act. As President, he would repeal it and work to heal the damage the law has had on our communities and in our cities. While he agrees that the police need more accountability, he does not believe that the federal government should be permitted to deny citizens their Constitutional rights in order to deter crime. This is not what police reform should look like. Instead, police reform should be in re-educating officers in how they deal with people and handle certain situations, such as recognizing when someone is suffering from a stroke or other health issue and reacting appropriately instead of shooting as first response, and providing sensitivity training and psychology education. Change will not happen overnight, but Senator Ferris promises to continue to work  in order to create a safe community for all citizens.

Join Senator Ferris in his campaign to run for President in 2020! Follow the campaign on Twitter (@makeferrisrun) and like him on Facebook (

NOTE: This is a fictional character and fictional campaign to promote the film “Que, Sera, Sera” in which this character appears.


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